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EconoBEE – Newsletter March 2009
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How big is your business?

Turnover below R5 million

You have an easy job – All businesses with a turnover below R5 million per annum do not need to produce a BEE Scorecard, they are exempt.

EconoBEE’s EME Pack is the ideal long term solution for your business.

Turnover between R5 and R35 million

You need to produce a BEE Scorecard but fortunately you only need to comply with 4 of the 7 elements. This makes your job much easier and will take less time.

EconoBEE V3 is a fantastic BEE Self rating tool. In addition a short workshop/seminar is all you need to get going!

Turnover above R35 million

Don’t panic! You might be the biggest type of company who needs a scorecard but with the right advice you can get your very own scorecard with minimal effort.

You need a combination of EconoBEE V3, workshops/seminars and EconoLog, implemented properly using our 10 Steps to BEE Approach.

A Different way of looking at B-BBEE Compliance

Many companies have an ISO 9000 or 9001 or similar accreditation. Some have food or health or safety accreditations, or have products that have SABS certifications. Why go to the effort of becoming ISO 9001 certified or getting an SABS certificate? Because your customers are happy that you have the qualification to go with your service. If you were not accredited would you give bad service to your customer? Probably not! So why get accredited – how does it help you?

Simple – it gives your customer peace of mind – that you have reached a certain level of service/quality/safety. Even though you already had achieved that level anyway, it helps to have that certificate in hand, or to at least tell your customers that you have reached a prescribed level of competence. In some cases to get your ISO certification you did have to make more of an effort – and you hope that the effort pays off in extra business.

Please look at BEE in the same way. You are quite possibly already compliant – yes, you could have earned points on some of the indicators of the codes. Maybe you need to do extra work, just like you do to achieve your ISO standards. In the case of BEE, it will also pay off in giving your customer, not just peace of mind, but the additional points that he so desperately needs.

How do you know if you are already compliant? How do you know what else you can do to become more compliant and help your customer even more? Simple, read on….

Gift – A BEE Scorecard for businesses above R5 million turnover

Download – We are so passionate about education, and understanding of BEE that we have designed a BEE scorecard document that in simple terms guides all businesses through the basic requirements of BEE.

EconoBEE seminar – Event announcement

Improve your BEE score by understanding BEE

EconoBEE, leading broad-based black economic empowerment consultants and innovative BEE implementers will be presenting a one day Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment seminar “A step-by-step course outlying the best business process to produce a BEE scorecard” in Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg.

Cape Town: Tuesday, 24th  March 2009 – Belmont Square Conference Centre, Belmont Road, Rondebosch

Johannesburg: Thursday, 26th March 2009 – EconoBEE Training Centre – 4th Floor Willow Grove, Houghton Estate
Office Park, cnr Louis Botha and Osborn Road, Houghton Estate

Durban: Tuesday, 31st March 2009 – Makaranga Garden Lodge, 1a Igwababa Rd, Kloof

Time: 09h00 -17h00

Cost: R2850.00 excl VAT

For bookings and more information please visit www.econobee.co.za, download a detailed brochure or call 011 483 1190 / email info@econobee.co.za


BEE Points = More Business

That’s it for the time being.

Keith and the EconoBEE Team

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