ABVA – Competition Commission Complaint

As regular readers will know we have laid a complaint with the Competition Commission alleging anti-competitive behaviour against ABVA and its members.

The complaint is based on the fact that ABVA, and some of its members as well as some companies are stating that they will not accept a scorecard unless it has been produced by either a company that is a member of ABVA or has applied to SANAS to become a verification agency.

We have now had a very positive meeting with the Competition Commission who are investigating the issues. Some of the companies mentioned in our submission are Empowerdex, EMEX and ABSA.

The Competition Commission have spoken to other consultants and will be talking to other stakeholders, including the dti.


The next step is for the Competition Commission to decide if there is sufficient reason to investigate further and then proceed with a prosecution.

Watch this space for developments. 


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