ABVA Revisited

ABVA have modified their web page as requested by us, and we do acknowledge their response and thank them for this action.

Anyone reading our articles may think we have “an axe” to grind with ABVA. This is not true – we expect a lot from ABVA, especially its members, as at least some of their members are highly respected businesses, including some of the top accounting/auditing firms. We are seeing it as our job to keep them “honest”, just as we are happy to criticise other organisations such as the dti themselves, if it will lead to improved knowledge of BEE, and fast-track transformation.


When we see an organisation effectively sabotaging the codes by their actions we do get passionate about it because we sincerely support South Africa, and the cause of TRUE transformation.

Please do make your comments about this and other articles on the www.bee-expert-group.co.za web site. 

Keith Levenstein


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