Accredited Verification Agencies – What Now?

The dti has now announced that they have accredited a small selection of verification agencies.

What does this mean to you?

  • Your existing certificate and your customers certificates are still valid.
  • Non-accredited/self assessments are still acceptable, with sufficient evidence and documentation. If you reject your customers scorcard or allow your verification agency to reject it, only you will suffer – in the form of a lower score
  • Your verification agency may not consult to you. Their only job is to verifiy your documentation and calculate your score. If you give them poor or no documentaton, you will receive no points.
  • Beware of inconsistencies in their methods of calculation. It is your job to check that they have calculated correctly and accepted your proof of points.
  • You can appeal their decisions, and now have recourse to both dti and SANAS – but make sure you have the corfrect information at your fingertips.



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