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Acting BEE commissioner speaks at EconoBEE event

On the 13th May 2016 EconoBEE was proud to host the acting BEE Commissioner Zodwa Ntuli at our monthly client breakfast. We had a fantastic event with over 80 professional business people from a wide variety of business interests. We host informative breakfast sessions regularly for all our managed service clients. The sessions cover various topics, including updates in the industry.

Ntuli gave a wonderful presentation explaining the role of the BEE Commission and the future of BEE in South Africa to the delegates attending. She explained, “BEE aims to redress the inequalities of the past, but needs to be implemented and then removed. BEE is not intended to be legislated indefinitely. The duration depends on how quickly it is implemented. The quicker it is done the quicker it can be withdrawn.”

Ntuli also explained that the role of the BEE Commission is to facilitate B-BBEE’s implementation, “We want to be a referee, not a watchdog. We definitely do not want to take a heavy-handed approach and are also not here to protect black business. Our mandate is to be impartial and objective.” Ntuli said the commission understands that transformation takes time and that it is a process.

Ntuli said she was concerned about the number of companies that delegate their BEE activities and procedures to a person or group with little or no internal support from senior management such as the CEO or board of directors. She said that she believes that sometimes BEE is seen as a low priority for certain companies. Ntuli explained,” BEE should be a part of the company’s overall strategy. It should be included in the company’s risk analysis with steps to take if key people leave or if a BEE transaction is dissolved.”

Ntuli explained that the minister will also be providing guidelines for the minimum threshold for BEE deals. The role of the BEE commissioner will be to register BEE deals, with a view to evaluate their compliance, but will not approve BEE deals.

The presentation was well received by our clients attending the breakfast. Both the commission and the delegates attending had fruitful and encouraging discussions about the future of BEE. We thank Zodwa Ntuli again for her time to attend this event.

EconoBEE organises breakfast sessions for our managed service clients regularly. To find out more about our managed service please contact us on 011 483 1190 or

Announcing Lianne as the new CEO

The shareholders of EconoBEE are proud to announce that Lianne Levenstein is the new CEO of EconoBEE.

Words from Lianne
I have worked in the BEE Industry for many years and am passionate about helping companies succeed with their transformation goals. It is always inspiring to see how our actions and advice as consultants change the lives of so many people.

I have enjoyed working in different roles at EconoBEE over the years to fully understand the intricacies of BEE and our world class systems. Whilst under my management, many consultants have been trained up to service our valuable clients, thousands of our clients have attended our training sessions and the EconoBEE team have assisted clients with ease through verification. I have sat in many board meetings with our clients to present their BEE status and strategies.

I have also been interviewed many times by the press and have been featured on TV and radio.

Under my future leadership, I plan on expanding our service offering even more. In addition to our BEE services we also offer HR services, including Employment Equity and Skills Development. We also have a Media studio.

I look forward to growing this fantastic company and myself.


Implementing the Amended Codes

Changes to the BEE legislation will cause most businesses scores to drop substantially which will substantially limit their competitiveness in the market place. Alternative activities to earn points such as changing suppliers might require a radical directional change in business thinking and processes. Identifying points scoring activities while simultaneously eliminating weaknesses is essential to maintaining a satisfactory scorecard.

A good understanding of BEE is perhaps the single best method to cause long term improvements to your companies BEE status.

EconoBEE is proud to offer various courses designed to increase your understanding of BEE.

Course Name
Full Day Amended BEE Codes
23rd June 2016 – JHB
22nd September 2016 – JHB
Half Day BEE Workshop
12th July 2016 – JHB
16th August 2016 – JHB
13th September 2016 – JHB
How to win with your BEE Verification agency
13th September 2016 – JHB
Ownership Structuring
23rd August 2016 – JHB
BEE for HR Managers
5th July 2016 – JHB
E&SD finding and managing suppliers for BEE
4th August 2016 – JHB

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EconoBEE Newsletter
15 June 2016

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  • Acting BEE commissioner speaks at EconoBEE event
  • Announcing Lianne as the new CEO

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