Become BEE Compliant

Need to be BEE Compliant – But don’t know how?
Let EconoBEE show you the way

Many companies in South Africa need to Become BEE Compliant. We have prepared a short guide to help you Become BEE Compliant.

{slide Why Become BEE Compliant?}
BEE has many business opportunities for your business. By complying with BEE you could increase the size of your business by getting business from the South African Government and some of the larger corporates.{/slide}

It can be quite intimidating to try becoming BEE compliant without any assistance, which is why with EconoBEE’s unique 4 phase process you can easily, quickly and cost effectively become BEE Compliant.

{slide Do you Need extra help?}
EconoBEE helps companies become BEE compliant in the easiest and most effective manner. We have all round solutions for your BEE compliance journey – Contacts us and we will find the best solution for your business.


Follow our unique 4 phase process:

{tab Phase 1}


The first phase of BEE is education – you need to learn what BEE is and how it works in order to make the right business decisions. Get to understand BEE so you will make the correct – and profitable decisions. You will maximize the benefits of BEE by supplying your customers with the appropriate information.

We run regular half day workshops in our offices, usually every Tuesday. In 4 hours you will learn what BEE is, how it works, and it will help you form the basis of your BEE Profile/Strategy. We go through a practical process and help you produce your own BEE scorecard. All delegates walk out with a good knowledge of BEE and have made a good start on their own BEE Scorecard rating.

We also organise in-house workshops for companies who want 10 or more staff to learn about BEE.

{tab Phase 2}

Profile and Strategy

The second phase is setting yourself targets and formulating strategies that will help you reach your targets. You will need to identify where you are in the process.

We often say “You are more BEE compliant than you realise”. It is also necessary to document your status/your BEE profile. This helps you in designing a practical BEE strategy. You will also need to create BEE policies for your business. This helps guide you and your staff.

With the right guidance and a good set of documentation you can take full advantage of all opportunities BEE has for your business. At the same time you will be able to maximize the number of BEE points that your business can achieve.

We can assist you in all aspects relating to BEE in your enterprise. We can create a profile, strategy and set of policy documents for your company. We can also consult directly to you at an hourly rate to answer questions and assist you with projects that you have already started and need clarification on. We can also assist you by finding and implementing new projects to increase your BEE points.

It is important to make sure that all future BEE transactions make Business Sense. With the help of an experienced consultant your BEE journey can be vastly simplified.

{tab Phase 3}

Scorecard Rating

The third phase is producing a BEE Scorecard. Your score will in all likelihood be low – as are most companies’ scores – but it will give you a starting point. You can work towards increasing the score in line with your strategy. By creating a scorecard you will have a grounding with which to build on.

We have produced easy to use BEE Scorecard software for this exact purpose. Our EconoBEE Scorecard software is ideal. EconoBEE Scorecard helps you understand how BEE works by giving you detailed explanations of all aspects of BEE. It also helps you collect all the right information by prompting you for the associated documents. EconoBEE Scorecard produces a scorecard report that is based on the guidelines specified in the Department of Trade and Industry’s BBBEE scorecard. It therefore provides you with an accurate up to date scorecard that is in a format that you can submit to your customer and the BBBEE verification agency of your choice for final verification.

{tab Phase 4}

Final Rating

The fourth phase – You may need to produce an official BEE scorecard. This will need to be done by an accredited rating agency or company auditors. Currently there are no accredited BEE Verification agencies.

We have forged an alliance with some very good verification agencies who will be able to produce an accredited BEE certificate for you if you require it.

While you wait for accredited ratings agencies it is best to start preparing for this rating. You can do this with EconoBEE Scorecard or our documentation system – EconoLog.


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