BEE now than later

Original publish date – Mon, 02 Mar 2009 11:21:02 +0000, Cornilius

We cannot deny the fact that race was used to afford some South Africans chances to get the best education, jobs, business opportunities, housing, infrastructure among other things. This to me means it is only race that can be used to redress such wrongs.  What counts most is the motive. The apartheid motive was evil while the motive behind the current BEE is noble. If we use a different criterion we will not achieve the desired results. Some commentators argue that there are poor Whites who should be considered in programs like BEE. My argument is that regardless of how effective apartheid was in giving Whites the best opportunities there were bound to be those who were even lazy to carry their bed into a mansion that they were not paying rent for. There would still have been those who were lazy to walk to a supermarket metres away to buy subsidized food. There would still be those who would feel lazy to queue for free welfare grants.

Surely no one is to blame for this.

My greatest fear is that if the issue of equal access to the resources of the country’s  is not addressed now it might be difficult to try it in the future. It will be difficult to motivate its execution at a later stage because there will be a new generation with little appreciation of apartheid serve for what they read in history books. Then it might be done and hurriedly and using costly methods to the entire nation. The other danger is that it might be propelled by a mass uprising of the poor Black population.

My advice is that it’s better done now then later because the fact of the matter is that it is necessary to do it if co-existence of races is to be achieved.


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