BEE Points = Business – EconoBEE Newsletter Feb 2009

EconoBEE – Newsletter February 2009
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EconoBEE – Practical Seminar

What is a BEE Scorecard? Where can I get a BEE Certificate? How many BEE points do I need? What is a verification? Why do my customers want my Scorecard?

This seminar answers all your queries in a simple practical way.

We will be presenting our popular BEE Seminar once again in Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg.

Understanding BEE is Key

BEE is a tool that can be used very effectively to grow your business – this of course only applies when you understand what is required.

BEE compliance is best viewed as a long term project and completed in a practical step by step manner.

You should know what your BEE Score is and what documentation you need before you call in a verification agency.

EconoBEE – Seminar

EconoBEE, leading broad-based black economic empowerment consultants and innovative BEE implementers will be presenting a one day B-BBEE seminar in Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg.

24th March Cape Town
26th March Johannesburg
31st March Durban

visit for more info or to make a booking

Dear Name

Differences in Interpretation

Published on by Keith

There are now 11 SANAS accredited verification agencies, and there are about 25 different interpretations. Not only do agencies differ amongst themselves, but consultants within agencies have differing opinions.

If a business has an income of R1000, and has costs of R900, then all accountants will calculate the same profit figure – R100. Yet when it comes to verification, or even calculation of the scorecard everyone has a different way of doing things. Today, we spoke to the dti over their own method of calculation. They recognised they had made a mistake but said we were the first company ever to identify the error and complain.

The same goes for an accredited agency with whom we had a difference of interpretation. They asked us to supply a ruling from the dti, which we duly did. They also said that they had never been asked about this issue ever before.

It would be laughable if it did not involve a miscalculation of 15 points on the scorecard. Could it be that your company has received 15 points less than you deserved because your agency made a mistake/interpreted the codes differently? How come no company, other than ourselves has challenged a scorecard? Or have you challenged a score you were given? Let me know.

You can tell a lot from a BEE Scorecard

Published on by Gavin

In my industry I am often sent a BEE scorecard – just today I received one from a potential supplier.


Points Earned

Points Available

Equity Ownership



Management & Control



Employment Equity



Skills Development



Preferential Procurement



Enterprise Development

15 00


Socio-economic Development



They are a generic company which means they are above R35 million. They are black owned and did very well on ownership and management.

Their employment equity is low as is their skills development. I wonder why their employment equity is so low – it is easier to find a black employee because there are more black people in SA than white. Similarly it puzzles me and does not give me confidence that they earned only 1 point out of 15 in Skills Development. Do they spend no money on training? This point is something that I just can’t seem to understand. They did so well on Ownership and Management but almost nothing in EE and Skills.

Procurement and Enterprise Development they did well in, which means they are fairly active in buying from compliant suppliers and in helping small businesses grow.

SED – they did not reach their full points. SED is amongst the easiest points to earn, why did they not get them?

In summary, this organisation did well, but could have done so much better. They need us to help guide them to a better scorecard.


EconoBEE Seminar – A Practical Step by Step Approach to BEE

Step By Step course laying out the best business practices to produce a BEE Scorecard

BEE is a reality. Smart businesses are already implementing BEE properly and turning it into an opportunity of growing the business. This seminar explains how BEE works but also shows you how to implement it to your best advantage. We dispel many myths about BEE and make sure that every business can get as many points as possible. We provide an objective approach to what is sometimes an emotional issue.

Have the peace of mind that you will be able to sort out a complex business problem.

More info…


BEE Points = Business

That’s it for the time being.

Keith and the EconoBEE Team

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