BEE Sector Codes Creating Confusion

When the BEE amended codes were launched nearly five years ago, the intention was to make the codes simpler and encourage transformation. But since then the codes have done the opposite. They have become more complex, causing confusion in the market and harming transformation.

Businesses needing to adhere to the new sector codes, and previously BEE compliant, could become non-compliant. As an example, the ICT sector codes recently introduced are so complex that the only way to navigate them is with the help of a BEE consultant.

In addition, the sector codes are in various phases, adding to the confusion. Tourism is in final draft form, Transport is currently based on the old codes, ICT is now official but with a number of new complexities that companies are finding difficult to navigate, and the Construction sector code has been repealed and is back in draft form. Businesses are feeling demotivated and frustrated.

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