Dear Minister

Original publish date – Wed, 09 Mar 2011 06:29:14 +0000, Keith

Dear Minister,

Please advise urgently.

My client is a QSE BEP. If he follows the BEP scorecard his ED target is R22 500 because ED is based on leviable amount. His SED target is R11250.
If he follows the codes of good practice his ED target is R2800 because we will use indicative profit and R1400 for SED.

If he follows the BEP scorecard he will need to pay R33 750 for both ED and SED, but if he follows the codes his cost is R4200 – a differential of R29 550.

Since the dti and SANAS are still seeking clarity, apparently now from the DG, and you have not any statement either, I need to know if the dti will condone my client following the codes that most suit him. The precedents have of course been set and we all know that SANAS will not regard this as a non-conformance and dti will not withdraw the certificate…….

On the other hand I’ve got some clients who are NOT in the construction sector but tend to like the lower adjustment for gender so are going to follow the construction/BEP codes. Is this also okay?

I know of a company that signed the final gazetted forestry charter but wants to follow AgriBEE and will use generic until that happens. Is this ok?

Now that I think of it, another client who has a turnover of over R1billion would like to follow the QSE scorecard for tourism. Also, a difficult client (you know how clients are) likes the Construction generic ownership element, the freight transport management control (for QSEs), the codes for EE, the QSE codes for Skills, and forestry for the other elements. Can I please have special permission to change the codes to suit my difficult client? He also wants to use a verification agency that had a pre-assessment letter in Feb 2010 but has now expired.

Another client would like to use ArcelorMittal as their verification agency. According to SANAS, ArcelorMittal has been accredited (for legal metrology, specifically weighing instruments), and the client feels that since ArcelorMittal, like SANAS, has no BEE certificate, they are a good organisation to do their BEE verification. Is this possible?

Minister, in any event we know that the dti/BEE Council will never be able to identify and really does not care about fronting, but being law abiding I’d like your approval to recommend fronting to my clients, who are being hamstrung by my honesty.

Yours sincerely



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