Earning points on the Amended Codes – EconoBEE Newsletter – 22 July 2014


EconoBEE - BEE Points = Business Earning points on the Amended Codes is undoubtedly going to prove to be challenging. However the biggest challenges are going to come from applying the Amended Codes early enough in the year to continue achieving a good level.

Breaking news – 08 July 2014 – The DTI has confirmed that they are not going to extend the transitional period. It remains at 1st May 2015. This means that all verification certificates issued from May 2015 will use the Amended Codes. Practically a company who is being verified after May 2015 has already begun their rating period that will use the Amended Codes.

It therefore becomes vital to understand the Amended Codes and earn sufficient points in this short time frame to continue achieving a satisfactory score.

Enterprise and Supplier Development
The Amended Codes allocate 44 points to this vitally important element. Even though it is a consolidation of the old Preferential Procurement and Enterprise Development elements it includes some aspects that if left unprepared will cause a substantial drop in points.

Practical Implementation of the Amended BBBEE Codes
Companies need to place particular emphasis on purchasing from small businesses and black owned businesses. During our practical sessions on the Amended Codes we will show you how you can find alternative suppliers and increase your spend with them without causing disruption to your supply chain. In addition we will show you how to source suitable Enterprise Development opportunities and how to integrate them into your supplier list to earn maximum points on supplier development.


Practical Implementation of the Amended BBBEE Codes

Knowledge of B-BBEE and in-particular the Amended Codes is vital to a long term BEE strategy, however knowledge will only take you to a point. Our experts have not only gathered an immense amount of knowledge on this topic but they have already implemented and calculated scorecards using the Amended Codes for many different organisations. As a result they are able to give you –

  • How to earn points using the Amended Codes
  • Answers to specific questions around your requirements
  • Strategies, interpretation and implementation
  • Best practice and methodology
  • Record keeping
  • Planning for your verification
  • Practical Exercise: How to develop your BEE profile, BEE policy and policies for each element
  • Practical Exercise: Calculating your own BEE scorecard

  • 4th September 2014 – JHB – Gallagher Estate
  • 11th September 2014 – CPT – Crystal Towers Hotel
  • 18th September 2014 – DBN – Protea Hotel Umhlanga

We will be hosting additional events based on demand. In-house presentations available on request to a minimum of 10 delegates.

Time:8:30 for 9:00 – 17:00
Price:R4250 excl VAT (R4845 incl VAT)
Booking Details:Email info@econobee.co.za
Contact 011 483 1190
Book online or download our brochure.

While there is demand for a BBBEE Scorecard someone will be taking advantage, shouldn’t that someone be you…


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BEE Points = Happy Customers


That’s it for the time being.
Gavin and the EconoBEE Team

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