EconoBEE Newsletter – January 24 2007

“Hello – I urgently need a BEE Rating”

We suggest you start at the beginning. Find out where your company stands with regard to its BEE compliancy. There’s no point in calling in a ratings agency, only to find your score is very low, without understanding what factors influence your score. Before you call the ratings agency you should follow the following steps:

  • Do you really need a rating? If your company has a turnover of less than R5 million per annum, then you don’t need a rating. All you need initially is a statement that you are an exempt micro enterprise. If it makes business sense to have a rating, do it later

  • Get to understand what factors influence your score. This is via education, our workshops, our EconoBEE Scorecard rating software and our web site is a good place to start

  • Work out a BEE policy for your company

  • Talk to your customers to get an understanding of what they are asking of you. Get an idea of what score they will regard as acceptable. It can be very useful to explain your own BEE process to the customer

  • Identify specific actions that you can take to improve your score

  • Do a rough calculation of what your current score is and what your score will be, based on your proposed activities

  • Get board agreement on those activities that will go towards improving your score

  • Begin the implementation process

  • You may now be ready for a rating – and you have a good idea of what your score will be. You will also be prepared for the questions the ratings agency will ask

  • Until you get an accredited rating, use your own self-rating to give your customers an idea of what your scorecard will look like

Update on the BEE Codes

The dti is still saying that the BEE Codes of Good Practice will be published by the end of January. However there are increasing rumours that gazetting will be delayed. As much as we are positive about the fact that the codes are approved, we are becoming disturbed that the codes themselves have still not been released to the public. The meagre information that the dti has published about the codes so far is not sufficient. 

EconoBEE BEE Scorecard Workshop in Cape Town

We are now offering our popular BEE Scorecard Workshops in Cape Town. This workshop will cover the basics of BEE, the BEE Scorecard and then finally producing your own BEE Scorecard.

We have had tremendous success with these workshops in Johannesburg. We know each delegate will walk out of the presentation with a well rounded view on how BEE is going to affect their business and most importantly everyone will leave having calculated their own BEE Scorecard.

The first Cape Town workshop is on the 15th February 2007 at the Belmont Conference Centre, Rondebosch. The cost is R850.00 (incl VAT) per delegate. EconoBEE Scorecard will also be available for purchase. It is recommended you use it to create your BEE Scorecard.

Each delegate will receive detailed course notes including the presentation and additional useful sample documents.

To book please contact us on 0861 11 3094 or

EME BEE Status Document Pack

EconoBEE has launched a new service aimed specifically at EME’s. EME’s are generally exempt from BEE but most find it difficult to explain to their customers what that means or they simply don’t have the time to study the BEE codes.

EconoBEE has produced The EME BEE Status Document Pack. It has all the required documents laid out in a  logical and detailed format. Included is also a document that you can give to your client which explains all the benefits to him from buying from an EME.

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