EconoBEE Scorecard is being updated

EconoBEE Scorecard our easy to use BEE Scorecard Self Assessment software is about to be updated. We have begun work on the next version which is going to be easier to use with more information available.

We are looking at releasing the next version in the early parts of next year. We will of course have updates available for existing users.

We are in the process of updating and improving our valuable explanations, this will include extracts from the codes, relevant definitions, interpretations, examples and details on how to do the calculations. We are preparing a simple flash presentation to help users start producing a BEE Scorecard in as little as a couple of hours. The software will take into account a futuristic scenario as well as allow users to do advanced calculations based on a short questionnaire. The software will have a comprehensive list of documents and a mechanism for managing the relevant documents, to make it very easy to produce documented evidence when required.

In summary EconoBEE Scorecard is getting easier to use, quicker to get going and help users prepare a more accurate scorecard than ever before.

Special Offer:

All companies who purchase EconoBEE Scorecard before the end of December 2007 will get 6 months Priority membership to the BEE Expert Group (worth R200 per month) absolutely free.

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