EconoBEE’s 10 Steps to BEE Compliance

Smart businesses recognise the need for BEE, the really smart
businesses have started to implement BEE and take advantage of the
business opportunities within BEE.
We have prepared the 10 most important steps a business needs to take in order to best implement BEE.

1) Learn about BEE

2) Look at where BEE is likely to affect you

3) Look at the indicators to find ways of scoring points

4) Collect documents around the indicators where points can be scored

5) Do a rough calculation to find out how many points you have achieved

6) Look for ways to find more points on the scorecard

7) Spend time and effort and earn the points

8) Do a final self rating – must be signed once you are completely happy with it

9) Write a report, Scorecard, Profiles, Policies and Strategies around BEE and display your scorecard level

10) Not mandatory – get an independent organisation to sign off your scorecard (Auditors or Rating Agencies)

Follow these steps and you will be well on your way to earning
points on your scorecard and making your company BEE compliant.

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