Employment Equity Committee Managed service

We offer various solutions to assist clients to achieve excellent results on Employment Equity activities

Employment Equity Compliance, Analysis, Planning and Reporting are vital components required to be done correctly for designated employers in South Africa.

Although the final report is a summary view of the staff profile it needs to be analysed and managed thoroughly by your Employment Equity Committee throughout the year.

The Problem!

Designated employers are required to submit an updated, accurate Employment Equity Plan to be completed annually. Electronic submissions are required to be done between October and January. Designated employers need to as far as possible achieve the targets in the plans or risk visits from the Department of Labour. Section 16 of the Employment Equity Act requires designated employers to have an Employment Equity Committee. The committee needs to guide and carefully monitor the company’s statistics on a regular basis to ensure compliance with the plan.

The Solution

EconoBEE is able to re-work existing data into a format that can be submitted to the Department of Labour. This report will take into consideration current staff, recruitments, terminations, disabilities, barriers and affirmative action measure needed to mitigate the barriers. We will assist with the goal setting and targets for the next Employment Equity plan as required by the Department of Labour, taking into the national or regional EAP stats. As sustainable Employment Equity requires constant monitoring and decisive actions, our consultants will sit in during all Employment Committee meetings. Our consultants will be prepared to do presentations on your current demographic statistics and highlight potential shortfalls or gaps. This will ensure that proper discussions take place to improve your demographic statistics and make sure that succession planning, combined with skills development has the desired outcome. If your company is audited by an inspector from the DOL, our expert Employment Equity consultants will be there with you to present your progress.

Non-compliance with the Employment Equity Act can carry extremely large fines. Practically, the cost of any fine – however large – is insignificant considering the impact staff can have on a business. It is important for companies to plan ahead in a sustainable way, else risk certain failure. The Employment Equity reports aren’t simply forms that need to be filled in once a year and forgotten about, the Employment Equity reports form a critical component to overall Employment Equity success.

Our Employment Equity Committee managed service will guide your business decisions around your Employment Equity plans and assist in ensuring that your plan is not only SMART! (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-bound!); but also monitored correctly to ensure affirmative action measures are reached.


Our Employment Equity Committee service includes:

Employment Equity Committee:

  • Ensure that the committee is constituted correctly
  • Managing of the Employment Equity Committee – we proactively arrange the meeting
  • Attendance – an expert Employment Equity consultant will sit in on all Employment Equity Committee meetings. The Employment Equity expert will provide guidance
  • Proof – register, agenda and minutes

EE Reporting:

  • Managing of the data on a regular basis
  • Report backs to the Employment Equity Committee on progress
  • Timely submission of accurate data to DOL

EE Training:

  • Training for all relevant people on the EE Act, Employment Equity Committee roles and functions
  • We host many half-day sessions in our office or at your premises during the Employment Equity Committee
  • EE Awareness sessions can be arranged for presentation to the entire company

EE Recordkeeping

  • Ensure that all records all kept and stored, especially if the DOL pays you a visit.
  • EE Compliance:
    • Ensure overall compliance with the EE Act
    • If an inspector from the DOL visits you, we will be there as well, sitting on your side of the table!