Enterprise Development

Enterprise Development is worth 15 points on the generic scorecard and 25 on the QSE scorecard.

The aim of enterprise development is to assist black owned businesses – to ensure they become economically viable – that they grow and become profitable.

In all cases, true enterprise development is sustainable enterprise development that will achieve the objective of helping the business become and remain viable.

Our aim is to ensure that your enterprise development contribution reaches the right businesses, and is put to best possible use via:

    • Assistance with management – ideas, coaching mentoring
  • Assistance with finance – managing and controlling the accounts
  • Assistance with marketing – identifying the market and implementing marketing activities
  • Assistance with sales – finding customers

Our view is that we need to help the company itself to grow, not only the person in it. Far too many organisations concentrate on theory, without offering practical assistance and implementation that is required to make the business a success.

EconoBEE, with Dinoka (a partner with EconoBEE) is able to offer a turnkey enterprise development service. We can help:

  • Identify enterprise development beneficiaries
  • Analyse the business plan or help design it
  • Manage the amount of spend on ED projects
  • Implement ED activities in a hands-on manner
  • Report-back on the ED activity to ensure you receive maximum points.

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