Financial Year End

Original publish date – Wed, 01 Jul 2009 06:52:29 +0000, patience

Most companies have their financial periods ending February or June and in most cases companies realize it when its too late to carry out any B-BBEE initiatives that can make them earn the B-BBEE points for that period. I recently talked to a company, which is just finalizing its year-end and they already know their score and are now looking at ideas and ways of improving their B-BBEE score in their new financial period. Such a company will surely meet its customer’s needs of a good B-BBEE score and hence improve their chances of getting the much-needed business in the new financial period. However for other companies the B-BBEE quandary continues they are not doing anything and are going to continue to give their customers empty promises of becoming B-BBEE compliant in the next financial period.

Like any other business policy or strategy, B-BBEE requires all the basics of effective strategy implementation – good ideas, organisation, resources allocation, action plan, monitoring and evaluation. Our workshops/conferences and scorecard methodology can help you produce / improve your scorecard and effectively implement B-BBEE.


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