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BEE Motivated and Knowledgeable. Broad Based BEE has been complicated with legal jargon, difficult calculations and time consuming documentation gathering. It is now time to simplify the legal jargon, explain the calculations and save effort by collecting the right documents.

EconoBEE is a keen supporter of Black Economic Empowerment and ensures you implement B-BBEE correctly. Contact us and we will help you earn the BEE Points you deserve.

Announcing the first B-BBEE Knowledgebase

EconoBEE, in conjunction with the BEE Expert Group is proud to announce the first Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment knowledgebase in the form of an online Wiki.

Keith Levenstein, CEO of EconoBEE said: “A Wiki is the best way to gather a comprehensive set of information and knowledge about broad-based black economic empowerment. A Wiki will allow collaboration, consistency and in general open up constructive discussions to ensure B-BBEE works well.” He also noted that a comprehensive knowledgebase would help companies better prepare for their eventual B-BBEE verification by following well publicised methodologies and interpretations by leaders in the industry.

Most people do not know where to start with gaining detailed information about B-BBEE. Until now there has been no single place to look for advanced information about how the Codes of Good Practice work.

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The BEE Expert Group B-BBEE knowledgebase will contain answers to all the complex questions that anyone will have around B-BBEE. The technology used will allow every item on a page to be linked back to a definition, or a calculation, or an explanation on how to interpret an aspect of the codes. High level collaborative work amongst members will gain the best interpretations and offer the most consistent guidelines which will ultimately assist everyone.

Brief overview of the contents;

  • The B-BBEE Act
  • Definitions
  • The Codes of Good Practice together with the Charters
  • Interpretations
  • Precedents and Appeals
  • Explanations
  • Government Notices
  • The dti BEE Units communications
  • SANAS communications
  • Technical Discussions

All this knowledge helps in interpreting and understanding the drafters of the codes and how the dti as the “owners” of B-BBEE would have us implement B-BBEE via best practice.

The knowledgebase contains a wealth of information – it will become your own personal consultant. There will be a monthly subscription of R500 per person to access the knowledgebase, for non-resale use – site licenses will be available for larger companies.

All delegates of our upcoming BEE Procurement and Enterprise Development Conference will receive a complementary 12 months subscription when it is launched.

If you want to gain access to a one month preview when it is launched or to collaborate with us please contact us.

Support Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment and encourage all your suppliers, customers and friends to become BEE compliant.


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EconoBEE Newsletter
19 October 2010

In this issue

  • Announcing the first B-BBEE Knowledgebase

In other news

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Executive summary of B-BBEE

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