Fronting should be criminalised

Original publish date – Thu, 19 Aug 2010 06:23:24 +0000, Keith

Parliament wants to criminalise fronting. My point is it is fraud, and action can be taken, especially is a company director commits fraud.

I don’t think the dti has the capacity to stop it. I think a good way is to name and shame, like I did on Monday to Shield Chemicals.

Another point is there is fronting going on, not only in the B-BBEE space, but on government tenders which has nothing to do with B-BBEE. Parliament, and the public are more concerned about irregular tenders and fronting than a forged B-BBEE certificate. And in this case the dti is the wrong department to do something about it. Tendering and government procurement is the realm of the Treasury Department.
The anger of many people directed at B-BBEE is completed mis-placed. The responsible act is the PPPFA.


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