Original publish date – Sun, 22 Mar 2009 14:05:06 +0000, Gavin

Fronting has and probably always will be a big issue. Unfortunately when money is involved you will always get someone at some point in time willing to step over a few boundaries to get rich quick.

Fronting in BEE terms is a misrepresentation of your BEE status and a company in Cape Town has done just this according to a recent article. This business tendered for a job worth R40 million in the name of a BEE front. An investigation then occurred. He later plead guilty and was fined R1 million.

I find this particularly interesting and should serve as a warning to all companies fronting. The time will come where a rival bidder will catch you out. On a positive note (talking to the masses) if you suspect a company of misrepresenting their BEE score, report them.


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