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Recently revised procurement regulations will have a major impact on the way government tenders are awarded.


PPPFA & Tenders – How to Create & Evaluate tenders using the new PPPFA

National Treasury regulations regarding evaluation of tenders will be changed as from the 7th December 2011. Evaluation of tenders must now be done using a Broad-Based BEE scorecard.

How does this affect your tender?

The past!
Government tenders are evaluated using two methodologies – 90/10 for larger tenders and 80/20 for smaller tenders. The 90 and 80 points section on the tender is used for price, quality etc… for the purposes of evaluating the products and services. The 10 and 20 points was based on the Ownership status of the business or in some cases Management. Meaning if you were 100% black owned you had a huge advantage when tendering.

The points are then calculated and the company with the most points should win the tender.

The advantage of the BEE status has now been transferred to companies with good a B-BBEE scorecard.

The future!
The 10 and 20 points section will now be based on your B-BBEE scorecard. The better your scorecard the more tender points you will earn.

In theory this is quite easy, in practice your B-BBEE status could be the difference between winning and losing a tender. Furthermore having a good B-BBEE status will ensure you win more tenders.

The elements on the Broad-Based BEE scorecard includes;

Socio-economic Development25/5
Enterprise Development25/15
Preferential Procurement25/20
Skills Development25/15
Employment Equity25/15

EconoBEE is proud to announce an informative half day course that will show you exactly how to evaluate a BEE scorecard for a tender. Bookings are open for PPPFA and Tenders in September 2011.

Book now and ensure your tenders are evaluated properly.


CostR1710 incl VAT
Venue22 September 2011 – JHB – Emperors Palace
Time7:30 for 8:00 to 12:30
BookingDownload our brochure and fax to 011 483 1195
011 483 1190
More infoOnline details on, email or contact 011 483 1190

While there is demand for a BBBEE Scorecard someone will be taking advantage, shouldn’t that someone be you…

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BEE Points = Happy Customers

That’s it for the time being.
Gavin and the EconoBEE Team

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