How to become BEE Compliant

Self-rating vs Verification

Self-rating is an excellent way to produce a BEE Scorecard. However, some agencies are still saying that the only accepted scorecard is one produced by a member of ABVA. They, of course, are totally incorrect in terms of the Codes of Good Practice and this is counter-productive to the cause of B-BBEE. Some are even saying that the law states that you have to give them a BEE score, and this too, is completely untrue. Please see our response.

How can we help you?

Broad-based Black Economic empowerment by its nature covers many aspects, from social activities to enterprise development to procurement, skills, staffing and equity ownership. You may need assistance on some of these aspects of B-BBEE, depending on the size of your business, your customers and your industry. It is usually quite a challenge to find the right information and the right help for your particular business and its requirements.

EME Pack
If your company’s turnover is less than R5 million then you are automatically assigned a level 4 BEE rating level – without the need to obtain a certificate of rating from a ratings agency. We can help you in creating your Exempt Micro Enterprise statement, and designing a letter to your customers explaining why you have achieved this level.

The EME pack serves multiple purposes – it states your BEE level to your customers, but also helps you understand how you can, and should, benefit from the B-BBEE codes.Our EME BEE Document Pack is the low cost solution for you. Price R450.00 excl VAT – more info…

EconoServ Scorecard
If your turnover is more than R5 million then you may need to obtain a BEE scorecard, if your customers are requesting it. Our EconoBEE Scorecard software is an ideal “do-it-yourself” solution helping you to understand the codes and to create your own BEE self-rating scorecard. EconoBEE Scorecard is very easy to use and is an extremely effective way of compiling a BEE scorecard in a short period of time in a format that is easy for your customers to understand.

EconoBEE Scorecard price: R1500 incl VAT – more info…

BEE Scorecard Workshop
If you need a bit of help in understanding the codes then our “BEE Scorecard workshop” will help you to understand the codes, design a strategy and produce a scorecard. This half-day workshop has helped hundreds of companies, large and small begin their BEE journey. Our delegates are constantly amazed at how much we have simplified BEE for their companies and turned what they consider a problem into a good business opportunity.

BEE half-day Scorecard workshop (courses offered in Johnnesburg, Durban and Cape Town.)

EconoServ documentation and record keeping pack
Our B-BBEE documentation and record keeping pack is a set of customised policies and recordkeeping documents that will help you to manage the BEE process. In order to claim points on your scorecard, you will need to keep records – records of employees, training of each employee, procurement and your supplier’s scores, and enterprise and socio-economic development contributions. The EconoBEE Documentation and record keeping pack is a file containing all the documents you will need. It includes documents that you will give to your customers explaining your BEE policies, status and levels. It gives you instructions for using them and helps with recording your various activities and expenditure. This pack is neatly supplied in a file specially prepared and branded for you and includes one license of EconoBEE Scorecard.

EconoBEE Documentation and record keeping pack price: R4500.00 excl VAT – more info…

If you need additional assistance, we can jointly design a B-BBEE strategy for your business via our consulting services.

Enterprise Development and Socio-Economic Development
We can assist you in managing your enterprise development activities to ensure that you benefit best from your contributions and that your money is most wisely used.

Other B-BBEE activities
We can assist in all aspects of B-BBEE – whether it is helping with legal and ownership issues, employment equity including disability, skills development and preferential procurement.

Contact information:

You can contact us on (011) 483 1190/0861 11 3094 or for more information. You will find more information about our products and services as well as additional information about B-BBEE on our website


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