Jimmy Manyi

Original publish date – Thu, 03 Mar 2011 12:12:07 +0000, Keith

Everyone has an opinion on the Jimmy Manyi interview issued by Solidarity. Strange then that as at this morning (3 March 2011) only 6474 people have actually viewed it. I have to suspect most critics of Jimmy have not seen it, and none have seen the entire interview nor the context in which he made these comments. The part that has been uploaded is only 47 seconds, and very selectively chosen.

The context is he was talking about was the employment equity act, and he is very well briefed on the B-BBEE codes.

He knows that companies earn BEE points by employing black people in various management, and sometimes non-management positions. Many companies will specifically try to find a certain profile person in order to improve their BEE scorecard. We ourselves always tell our clients that they will earn more points, if they were to employ a higher percentage of black people in certain management categories.

At the same time we tell our clients that for example a black female in a particular category will earn them more points, and therefore they should try to find the best person for the job, but be aware that they will earn or lose points based on their decision.

From the black person’s viewpoint, we can easily direct a particular person to where there are opportunities. We know that for example most construction companies would be keen to interview a black female civil engineer. We would not hesitate to advise a person on how best to market themselves to get a good job. At this very moment I have 1300 CVs in front of me from people who are desperate for a job as a junior admin clerk – a very sad state of affairs. I’d like to employ every single person, but obviously cannot.

Let’s look at Jimmy’s comment.  The number of coloured people in the Western Cape is generally higher than the rest of the country, just as we would expect more Indians in KZN than the rest of the country. I would have no hesitation in advising a coloured person who is unsuccessfully looking for a job in Western Cape to look further – specifically target regions and companies than have poor employment equity scores.

Is this what Jimmy meant? Is this what Jimmy said? Please watch the video and decide if it leaves out the context.

Also decide if the context is as I have described.


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