Labour Law Full-day Workshop

Executive Summary
The Labour Relations Act which was recently amended governs labour practices such as disputes and dismissals. Procedurally incorrect or substantively unfair dismissals are costly, especially if they are referred to the CCMA or Labour Court.

Join us for a practical session on the Amended Labour Relations Act and how to protect your company from costly cases at the CCMA and Labour Court.


  • Legal
  • Labour Relations Act
  • Changes to the Labour Relations Act
  • Dismissals
    • Legal meaning of dismissal
    • Automatically unfair dismissals
    • Dismissals for misconduct and incapacity
    • Dismissals for ill health or injury
    • Dismissals based on operational requirements
    • Fair and unfair labour practices
  • Presenting your case at the CCMA
    • Presenting proof to justify your case
    • Conciliation of disputes
    • Arbitrations
    • Pre-dismissal arbitration
  • Minimising Labour Relations risks
    • Preparing your organization for the future and thus minimising the risk. Be aware of the risks associated with dismissals and the effect on the organization as well as how to combat these risks
    • Ethical practices
    • Practices to minimise your risk and therefore minimize the chance of disputes
  • Practical
    • Case studies and Questions

We provide a comprehensive manual covering the acts and our presentation.

Price: R3 500 ex VAT (R4 025 incl VAT) per delegate



Upcoming Sessions

26 April 2018

Labour Law Breakfast Session 07:30-10:00


21 June 2018

Labour Law Fullday Workshop 09:00-13:00


23 August 2018

Labour Law Full Day: 09:00 – 17:00

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