During the month of May, EconoBEE will be running specially tailored full-day and half-day B-BBEE workshops with an added twist!

Our Directors will be unpacking extra information which includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • How the new measured period will impact measured entities
  • The debate around sale of assets and how it impacts ownership points
  • The B-BBEE Commission’s changes to non-compliant company reports
  • Recent rulings by the B-BBEE Commission around share option schemes
  • SANAS’s take on how to calculate the indicative profit margin
  • Communication from the ICT council with regard to the private contribution model
  • Annual fees that need to be paid to the ICT council
  • Discussion around the new absorption definition
  • Continued recognition complexities and how it impacts ownership points
  • ICT disability training and EAP targets

Please contact us on or 011 483 1190 to hear more!

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