Message from the DTI

With little less than one month to go before the new regulations for the PPPFA come into effect making a B-BBEE scorecard compulsary for the evaluation of government tenders the DTI has begun their marketing campaign. The below advert appeared on their website and in various publications.

Message from the DTI

Message from the DTI                                             about the PPPFA

A MUST from 7 December 2011

Companies that wish to conduct business with government will be required to submit their valid BEE Certificates obtained from an Accredited Verification Agency or Registered auditors approved by the IRBA. Companies with annual revenue of R 5 million or less must get an Exempted Micro-Enterprise Certificate from a registered auditor or Accounting Officer confirming their annual turnover.

Contact EconoBEE on 011 483 1190 or visit to ensure you use an accredited agency or IRBA registered auditor.

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