Prepare for verification vs certificate

Original publish date – Mon, 16 Jul 2012 08:44:33 +0000, Keith

Today, again we received a query from a person saying “Can you tell me , what is the value of attending this seminar (Prepare for Verification) if the B-BBEE score card /certificate must be done by an accredited agency.”

Our answer is quite simple. A certificate is not “done” by an accredited agency. It is verified by an accredited agency. There is a big difference. The agency verifies (checks) that the scorecard is calculated correctly and issues a formal certificate based on an accurate scorecard.

The whole reason for getting a certificate is to achieve a high score or level. The agency cannot “give” a high score. The company itself wanting a scorecard has to build up that good score. They have to take the correct actions in order to achieve the points on the elements. The agency does not do this, as they are only called in after the company has earned the points and calculated their scorecard. The points are not automatically earned. The elements: Ownership, Management Control, Employment Equity, Skills Development, Preferential Procurement, Enterprise Development and Socio Economic Development can all contribute towards points on the scorecard.

A sporting analogy is referees do not award points, until the team has scored the try or penalty of conversion. The team itself has to score the points. The coach helps and advises the team on how to score the points or runs or goals. The team itself has to do the work, both off and field and on it before it can earn its points. In the same way B-BBEE consultants act as the coach to the company (team), and the referee is the verification agency and he confirms that the team has earned the points.

Our up-coming seminar on “How to Prepare for Verification” is a one day event training our clients on how best to “play the game” to earn the maximum points before the verification agency can be called in to adjudicate the points earned. We will help you identify the points you have earned and also prepare your files properly. This will ensure that the verification agency will be able to easily and quickly verify the points and issue the certificate.


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