QSE Codes regard employment equity as unimportant

The structure of the QSE codes is such that the important policy of employment equity is almost ignored.

The Employment Equity Amendment Act was recently proclaimed. It aims to address inequality in the workplace. The latest Commission for Employment Equity reported in April 2014 a good improvement in equity in the workplace, but pointed out that ther is still a lot more work to do. The vast majority of black employees are not in management positions.

The Employment Equity Act lays down severe penalties for non-compliance. Lack of opportunities in the workplace remains one of the bigger problems. The B-BBEE codes used to place high emphasis on this aspect. The previous QSE codes awarded 25 points to companies for compliance with the targets. The draft amended QSE codes place far less emphasis on employment equity. Only 8 points are available for people in junior, middle and senior management position.

The Commission for Employment Equity would like to increase the precentage of balck peole in top or executive management positions. The 2007 QSE codes also awarded 25 points for this. The draft codes have only 8 points available.

The drafters of the codes probably do not realise that the uninternded consequences of reducing the points will be perceived by QSEs as a form of penalty to them. There is little incentive to improve employment equity if so few points are available.




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