SANAS Agencies continue to dwindle

Original publish date – Mon, 29 Apr 2013 12:46:13 +0000, Keith

The number of  SANAS Accredited agencies continues to decrease. As at today there are 68 accredited agencies. This is more than 10% down on the peak number.

Some agencies have migrated to IRBA, while a couple have closed down.

The following list was sourced from the SANAS web site:

BVA140 AAA BEE Verification Agency CCDurban
BVA086 Abacus Verification (Pty) LtdCape Town
BVA073 ABC for BEE (Pty) LtdPretoria
BVA162 ABEERate Verification Agency (Pty) LtdJohannesburg
BVA122 Acacia Compliance Solutions (Pty) Ltd – KZNDurban
BVA166 Afri-BEE Verification Services (Pty) LtdDurban
BVA021 AQRate (Pty) LtdCape Town
BVA102 AQRate Gauteng (Pty) LtdPretoria
BVA019 AQRate KZN (Pty) LtdDurban
BVA092 Ardent Business Partners (Pty) LtdJohannesburg
BVA110 Aspigon 91 t/a HR Planning IncJohannesburg
BVA098 BBBEE Linked CC t/a Goal Achievement PartnersJohannesburg
BVA074 BBBEE Rating Agency CCGodrons Bay
BVA040 BEE BIZ Compliance (Pty) LtdWalmer, Port Elizabeth
BVA057 BEE Empowered and Labour Consultancy CCCape Town
BVA038 BEE Online (Pty) LtdJohannesburg
BVA044 BEE Professional Assignments CCJohannesburg
BVA149 BEE Rated Verification Agency CCDurban
BVA049 BEE Rating Solutions (Pty) LtdWeltevreden Park
BVA014 BEE Verification Agency CCCape Town
BVA115 Beescore (Pty) Ltd – JohannesburgJohannesburg
BVA031 BEESCORE (Pty) Ltd – Kwa-zulu NatalDurban
BVA026 Black Economic Empowerment Verification Agency t/a Beever AgencyEast London
BVA071 Brentwood Kolisa (Pty) LtdJohannesburg
BVA152 Business Empowerment Experts (Pty) LtdPretoria
BVA023 Client King CCPort Elizabeth
BVA065 Codex Ratings (Pty) LtdStellenbosch
BVA056 DRG-Siyaya Verification Agency (Pty) LtdDurban
BVA030 Empowerdex (Pty) LtdJohannesburg
BVA141 Empowerdex (Pty) LtdCape Town
BVA101 Empowerdex Northern Regions (Pty) LtdPretoria
BVA142 Empowerdex Verification Services KZN (Pty) LtdDurban
BVA018 EmpowerLogic (Pty) LtdJohannesburg
BVA064 Empoweryst CCJohannesburg
BVA143 Express Verification Services (Pty) LtdJohannesburg
BVA017 Grant Thornton Verification Services (Pty) LtdPort Elizaberth
BVA131 Grant Thornton Verification Services (Pty) LtdCape Town
BVA133 Grant Thornton Verification Services (Pty) LtdJohannesburg
BVA155 Hluka Verification Agency CCPretoria
BVA046 Honeycomb BEE Ratings (Pty) LtdJohannesburg
BVA034 Inforcomm (Pty) LtdPretoria
BVA126 Inkomba Verification Agency CCDurban
BVA059 Izikhulu BEE Ratings CCDurban
BVA123 Kairos B-BBEE Verification Agency CCPietermaritzburg
BVA022 KBonga BEE Verification AgencyCape Town
BVA033 Lesego Van Godimo Consulting CCPretoria
BVA117 M-PowerRatings (Pty) LtdJohannesburg
BVA127 Marisimo Verification Agency (Pty) LtdPretoria
BVA041 Mazars – East LondonEast London
BVA090 Mindwalk Consulting (Pty) LtdCape Town
BVA025 Moloto BEE Verifications CCPretoria
BVA080 Mosela Rating Agency (Pty) LtdPretoria
BVA159 Mosela Rating Agency (Pty) LtdCape Town
BVA163 Muthelo-BEE (Pty) LtdJohannesburg
BVA020 National Empowerment Rating Agency (Pty) LtdJohannesburg
BVA047 PKF BEE Solutions (Pty) LtdJohanensburg
BVA100 Premier Verification (Pty) LtdJohannesburg
BVA013 Prostart Traders 24 (Pty) LtdJohannesburg
BVA069 Provincial Verification Agency cc t/a BLogic Verification AgencyNelspruit
BVA139 Renaissance SA Rating (Pty) LtdPretoria
BVA121 SERA Western Cape (Pty) LtdCape Town
BVA094 Simunye Resources CCJohanensburg
BVA027 SME Verification CCPretoria
BVA105 South African Black Economic Rating AgencyDurban
BVA129 Symphony Investor Communications (Pty) LtdJohannesburg
BVA151 Transformex CCJohannesburg
BVA116 Ukuthenga Verification Solutions CCCape Town
BVA078 Vericom (Pty) LtdJohannesburg


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