Skills Development Managed Service

We offer a solution that will ensure that you get all the points you deserve, as well as maximising available rebates to reduce the actual cost of training

Skills development is a long-term plan. It needs to be implemented consistently, measured regularly and adjusted as requirements change. The WSP (Workplace Skills Plan) and ATR (Annual Training Report) need to be submitted annually.

The SETAs, as well as SARS, provide grants and tax allowances for certain training. EconoBEE will help you implement training that is fit for purpose, as well as maximise the financial benefit to your company.

The Problem!

Implementing successful, sustainable skills development can be a daunting process for any experienced HR manager, let alone general managers and supervisors in a business.

The recent changes to the BEE codes of good practice require companies to spend more money on skills development with a specific focus on spending money on skills development for unemployed people.

The Solution

We will ensure statutory compliance with the act and record keeping to obtain the best benefit from SARS, Seta and your BEE scorecard.

Our methodology

  • Register with the applicable seta
  • if you are already registered then we need proof of registration
  • Identify core and critical skills by the seta
  • Do a skills audit on current training
  • Design ATR based on survey and accounting data
  • Design WSP to be approved by CEO and training manager
  • Submit ATR and WSP
  • Regular meetings to discuss skills development
  • Utilise the EE Committee

Additional Skills Development services