The Big Debate: Sale of Assets

Ownership in the B-BBEE codes is by far one of the most complex elements to get right. Some entities feel bringing in new shareholders might impact the strategic direction of the entity as a whole; some just want to sell a stake but keep it minimal.

Sale of assets, as an option, provides the convenience of getting ownership points without selling shares, but instead selling “a qualifying asset”.

At present, there is a big debate over how many points should be allocated in this scenario! One school of thought holds that a measured entity should get full points from this arrangement. The other school of thought feels the points should be capped at 40% of the scorecard because this is indirect ownership.

EconoBEE has engaged the BEE Commission and the DTI on this matter to gain clarification.

Not only do we know how to set it up for you, but we also know the right side of this debate.

Send us an email or give us a call and find out what we know!


April Online Workshops

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06 Apr 2021Skills Development WorkshopR1 550.00
08 Apr 2021Half-Day Employment Equity WorkshopR1 550.00
13 Apr 2021Half-Day B-BBEE WorkshopR1 550.00
15 Apr 2021ICT Sector Code WorkshopR1 550.00
20 Apr 2021FSC Sector Code WorkshopR1 550.00
22 Apr 20212-Hour YES WorkshopR750.00
29 Apr 2021Full-Day B-BBEE WorkshopR3 700.00





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