Majority of South Africans would probably agree that proper transformation is necessary in our diverse nation and that we still have a long way to go in improving the situation for the population due to the fact that the playing fields are still not level.

Recent news reports have alleged that ANC Youth League president, Julius Malema, is a partner in four different companies that have been awarded various government tenders in Limpopo Province, worth a whopping R140 million. If indeed this report is accurate, most people would feel outraged; and rightfully so. Many more would agree that this is not the transformation that is needed or that anyone had in mind for the new South Africa

The latest buzz word to emerge in the colloquial vocabularies of South Africans is “tenderpreneur”. The term is used to describe a person who has made an extraordinary sum of money from a national, provincial government or municipal tender that has been awarded to them for some sort of service, often poorly delivered.  Ambiguity and duplication in tender adjudication procedures leads to uncertainty and provides loopholes for the unscrupulous tenderpreneur to take full advantage of.  It is for this reason that many esteemed businessmen criticise tenderpreneurs whose businesses add absolutely no value to a transaction.

Currently there are two categories of empowerment observable in South Africa – tenderpreneurs and true broad-based black economic empowerment.  Keith Levenstein, CEO of EconoBEE,  dejectedly reflects on the fact that no other solutions have been proposed, despite the fact that all major political parties, including the official opposition, have policies around transformation.  “When comparing the two options it is evident that tenderpreneurs will make only a select few incredibly wealthy and do nothing for the population at large.  However, B?BBEE on the other hand, if implemented properly, can achieve all that we strive for.”

Levenstein continued; “If you agree with me that the tenderpreneur approach is immoral, then the only viable option is B-BBEE. The opposite of B-BBEE is the Malema Dilemma!” He suggests that the only way to beat this would be to implement B-BBEE to the legislative letter so that tenderpreneurs lose all their business

The moral and patriotic obligation of all the key role-players in tendering processes is to implement broad-based black economic empowerment properly and feed the growth of the economy by building up BEE scorecards honestly and keeping the aim of socio-economic development and transformation in the fore of one’s mind and actions.   Levenstein concluded by saying; “South Africa is a caring nation; by keeping with the spirit of Ubantu we can direct our passion to a more positive outcome for everyone.  Let’s make B-BBEE the only viable alternative to B-BBEE.

EconoBEE is a proudly South African company that focuses on B-BBEE development, and assists all size businesses in completing their preferential procurement scorecard in terms of government legislation.  The directors, Gavin and Keith Levenstein are passionate about transformation and socio-economic development in South Africa.

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