Tourism Charter is now a draft Section 9 sector code

The dti has gazetted the tourism charter as a draft section 9 sector code. This is one step away from the tourism charter becoming the first sector code.

You can read it here

The charter is in draft form for a period of 60 days during which time the public will have the opportunity of providing comment. Thereafter, and depending on comments received  it may be adjusted or gazetted.

Salient points:

  1. The charter is similar to the codes of good practice – as required by the codes. Certain weightings have been changed and minor definitions. It therefore meets the basic  requirements of the codes.
  2. The charter defines EMEs and QSEs as per the codes, but wants the criteria for doing business with the public sector to be a level 3 for EMEs. In other words, the EME must either be 50% black owned to increase a level or must choose to follow the QSE scorecard and reach level 3 if they want to do business with government.
  3. Targets have been set for 2012 and 2017. The target for ownership for 2012 is 21% plus one vote, and for 2017 is 30% plus one vote.


Once gazetted in final form this charter will apply to a wide range of entities:

Accommodation – hotels to guesthouses and backpackers
Hospitality – Restaurants to conference venues, catering and  attractions
Travel – Travel agencies, operators to tour guides and coach operators



Once again it appears as if big business is benefiting at the expense of the smallest businesses. Big business has been given the very big dispensation of reduced ownership targets, while startup and small businesses are effectively no longer exempt if they want to do business with government.


We will publish an EXCEL spreadsheet of this scorecard shortly and additional comments. Watch this space!




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