Update – SANAS B-BBEE Scorecard

Original publish date – Tue, 04 May 2010 08:05:15 +0000, Keith

Christinah of SANAS called me to discuss my request for their scorecard. She said they used to have a scorecard, self assessed, but when the minister issued his notice that self assessment would not be valid after August 2009, they discontinued self assessment as they were not sure how to proceed. The feel they are in a difficult position because of a conflict of interest with the verification agencies and would not want to favour one agency over another. She promised to raise the issue again with her CEO, and see how they can find a way to produce a BEE scorecard.


SANAS are the organisation responsible for accrediting agencies. If they don’t know how to get their own scorecard, they don’t deserve to be the accreditation system for BEE. Christinah kept referring to the BEE unit (presumably of the dti) who they look for to guidance. Strange, when we talk to the BEE unit, they refer us to SANAS.

In any event, there can be no conflict of interest with SANAS choosing an accredited agency: They will have to put out a tender looking for an agency. They will indicate in the tender the exact requirements and the method of rating and then choosing an agency. e.g. lowest price, BEE credentials, proximity to their offices. The tenders will be opened in a transparent manner, and the tender awarded fairly. If they have a complaint or appeal against the agency doing the work, they can do this without involving the personnel of the BEE accreditation division at SANAS. The R-47 document clearly explains to verification agencies how to avoid conflicts of  interest. Since SANAS use the R-47 they surely know how to avoid conflicts of interest.

More relevant is the BEE division is a very small part of SANAS. SANAS also does work with  Calibration Laboratories, Legal Metrology, Certification Bodies, Medical Laboratories,Inspection Bodies, Blood Transfusion Services, Proficiency Testing, Pharmaceutical, Testing Laboratories, Veterinary. Verification agencies have managed to appoint their competitors to do their verification for them, so there is no excuse for SANAS not to produce its own scorecard.


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