“We are not going to scrap B-BBEE” – Ramaphosa

In one of our previous newsletters, we mentioned that B-BBEE still remains an absolute necessity and will be around for many years to come, albeit in an evolved form. President Cyril Ramaphosa’s recent speech to the National Assembly, is proving this true:

“We are not going to scrap B-BBEE, because it has brought real benefits to blacks, women and persons living with disabilities. It has contributed to the significant growth of a black middle class, boosted employment equity and it has enabled black people and women to become owners and managers of businesses,” and “Far from abolishing it (B-BBEE), now is actually the time to strengthen it, to make it more effective and make it more aligned with our goals of increasing investment and employment,”. Read the full article here

Where does that leave you? As a company, you and your staff need to be aware of B-BBEE and the various elements. For instance, B-BBEE affects purchasing decisions (procurement), staff recruitment (management control), strategic partnerships (Supplier and Enterprise Development and Ownership), staff training and succession planning (Skills Development), community assistance (Socio-Economic Development) and numerous other business decisions.

By attending our training, you will be equipped to maximise opportunities to improve your company’s B-BBEE scorecard in a way that makes business sense, and be fully prepared to implement BEE activities in your company.

EconoBEE offers various B-BBEE specific workshops in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban and if you are needing more tailored assistance, we are specialists in customising seminars specific to your company’s needs. A brief look at our upcoming Workshops include:

06 August 20192 hour Y.E.SR750.00
15 August 2019Half Day – Employment EquityR1700.00
27 August 2019Half Day – BEER1700.00
10 September 2019Sector Codes: PropertyR1700.00
19 September 2019Half Day – Employment EquityR1700.00
26 September 2019Half Day -Skills DevelopmentR1700.00
08 October 2019Full Day – BEER3193.04
17 October 2019Sector Codes: ICTR1700.00
31 October 2019Half Day – Employment EquityR1700.00
27 August 2019Full Day – BEER3913.04
28 August 2019Half Day – Employment EquityR1700.00
13 November 2019Full Day – BEER3913.04
14 November 2019Half Day – Employment EquityR1700.00
 Cape Town 
13 August 2019Half Day – BEER1700.00
14 August 2019Half Day – Employment EquityR1700.00
17 September 2019Half Day – Employment EquityR1700.00
18 September 20192 hour Y.E.S InitiativeR750.00
09 October 2019BEE- Full DayR3913.04
10 October 2019Half Day – Employment EquityR1700.00

All prices exclude VAT

For more information on our training, please click here / contact us on 011 483 1190 or email pheliswa@econobee.co.za

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