We did it!

Original publish date – Tue, 13 Jul 2010 15:42:48 +0000, Keith

All South Aricans are feeling proud today. We did it! We organised an excellent World Cup. We are the toast of the world. The nay-sayers were wrong, and to their credit, many nay-sayers are happy to have been proved wrong.  The success can be attributed to all the people of South Africa. The build-up for the World Cup and its success proves that we can work together. Many of the nay-sayers used transformation as the reason that we would fail. The great news is that via transformation – done the right way – we succeeded beyond the expectations of the rest of the world. True transformation means we are a great country, working for our own, as well as the greater good, not seeing colour as a problem, but an opportunity.

Personally I like watching rugby and I cannot praise the Blue Bulls, and their captain Victor Matfield enough for taking rugby to the Orlando Stadium. This is what transformation should be about, and I have to give credit to everyone, from individuals to celebrities to government for ensuring that the past 6 weeks have changed the country forever. Just like Madiba changed the country in 1995, the Super 14 and the World Cup have made us all better.

This is how we at EconoBEE envisioned transformation and B-BBEE when we started our own journey 5 years ago. A system that encourages business to support the lesser privileged and to help more people get into business and everything else in-between. If B-BBEE had not worked, we would not have seen the beautiful stadiums ready well in time for the World Cup. If B-BBEE were so bad, then surely the lights at level 2 BEE contributor ESKOM would have gone out long ago. But they did not. ESKOM, strike threat and all did deliver. The Metro Police and the police service did deliver, because we have competent people running the big organisations, hether black or white, or best of all a combination.

If it were not for transformation, B-BBEE and all the great people in South Africa we would not have been host to the biggest sporting event ever.


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