What are the Charters?

The dti has produced a document called “The Draft Codes of Good Practice”

This document itemises the various aspects and elements of BEE, as set up and still to be approved by the stakeholders.

The Act , however makes allowances for industries to set up their own BEE codes. Since some industries are different from others, it makes sense that these industries work out their own methods of implementing BEE within that industry in a way that suits that industry. These are called “Charters”. There are quite a number of charters, including Mining, Financial Services, ICT etc.

Some of the charters have been gazetted, while others are still being discussed and negotiated.

Some charters include:

  • Multinationals
  • Financial Institutions
  • Mining
  • ICT
  • Health
  • Tourism

These are just some of the proposed charters.
Please note that most of these charters are still in draft format and may change or even completely dissolve in favour of the Generic Scorecard. 

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