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EconoServ are business consultants that have been operating since 2000, providing time-saving solutions for compliance business problems. We have developed some revolutionary concepts to make each common business problem an easy growth point. We have a vast infrastructure to assist our clients go through their BEE certification effectively and without hassle. We are experts on HR issues related to statutory compliance with the Employment Equity Act, Basic Conditions of Employment and the Labour Relations act.

BEE & HR Services we offer

  • B-BBEE Compliance
  • Employment Equity
  • Skills Development
  • Labour Law
  • Media
  • Events and Workshops
We consult on the scorecard and on the practical implementation of Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment that will improve your BEE profile. Our consultants will calculate your entire B-BBEE Scorecard for you. Once complete we will prepare a comprehensive BEE Scorecard report which can then be sent through to directors during management meetings or customers who are interested to see your progress.
  • Ownership discussions
  • Advice
  • Educating the company to the intricacies of the codes and scorecard.
  • Policy drafting
Employment Equity Committee Compliance - The employment equity act aims to redress the legislation of the past that limited access to the economy and to jobs for most of the designated groups, remove discrimination and give a fair and equal chance to designated groups. The EE Act requires designated employers to monitor their workforce and for it to be demographically represented. Designated employers are required to submit annual reports of their progress towards reaching their goals and targets of their long term plan. Our managed service includes:
Skills Development Managed Service -  Skills development is a long-term plan. It needs to be implemented consistently, measured regularly and adjusted as requirements change. This is a daunting process for any experienced HR manager, let alone general managers and supervisors in a business. View our Skills Development Crash Course 
Labour Law Managed Service -  The Labour Relations Act which was recently amended governs labour practices such as disputes and dismissals. Procedurally incorrect or substantively unfair dismissals are costly, especially if they are referred to the CCMA or Labour Court.
  • Dismissals
  • Representing your case at the CCMA
  • Minimising Labour Relations risks
Media -  EconoMedia provides hands-on training for TV and radio interviews at our hi-tech digital studio in Ferndale, simulating a live TV and radio environment. As part of the session we will produce, at no additional cost, a 1-2 minute video for your company to use on YouTube or on social media. This could be used as a message to your staff, customers or shareholders.
EconoServ offers various courses covering all aspects in great detail to enable your business to thrive. Have the peace of mind that you will be able to sort out a complex business problem. Click here to view our latest events

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Helpful Resources

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Knowledge is power. The legislation is detailed and complex which is why businesses need to understand it thoroughly before they can make informed decisions. The decisions that businesses need to take have a material impact on the success of their business which is why we have prepared over 1000 useful articles containing detailed analysis, executive overviews and summarised descriptions on many aspects. Gather more information on Black Economic Empowerment (BEE), Employment Equity (EE), Skills Development or Labour Relations.

Working with EconoServ

Sharing knowledge has always been at the heart and soul of our business. Ever since our first newsletter now over 10 years ago to the regular articles that are published in the press. We are proud to have been able to offer so much valuable information to businesses for such a long time.Before we get into our services we would like to share some useful information that you can use in your business. Regulatory compliance is complex. There are hundreds and thousands of pages of legislation. Within each page is bundles more “read between the line” interpretation that makes businesses feel like throwing in the towel before they start. A great deal of the relevant acts and codes of good practice can be found on our siteIdentify and understand exactly how your business is affected. Legislation affects businesses differently.

  • Who the responsible people within the business are. We always advise our clients to appoint the most senior staff/directors to control the process. Allow junior/appropriately skilled staff to handle administration aspects. Top tip: If your directors are not involved you will encounter problems!
  • Quick wins are short-term solutions. As the old saying goes “if it sounds too good to be true it often is”. It might be entirely true that the end requirement is to submit a report. The reality is that the quality contained in the report is what you are measured on. Poor paperwork results in poor results.
  • Penalties for non-compliance. Penalties are always very scary. Although we should note, sometimes the penalties are very hard to measure. Acts like BEE would result in lost business due to a poor scorecard. That is very different to an act like Employment Equity which could impose a rather hefty fine

You can read countless articles about BEE, HR and Labour Relations in our resources section. You can also download many different acts and other useful documents. Our newsletters, Facebook and Twitter are also useful methods for keeping yourself up to date with latest developments and interesting discussions. Our services aim to enhance businesses infrastructure by increasing their access to technical knowledge and save them time through implementation of complex compliance requirements. Our goal is to ensure our clients always implement any requirement successfully and long term. Visit our services page or contact us and we will share more about our services.

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