2020 Workshops – Johannesburg:

Seats are limited so advanced booking is recommended. To reserve a seat, or for more information please send an email to info@econobee.co.za or contact us on 011 483 1190.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Please note: All prices exclude VAT

DateWorkshop TitlePrice
25-Feb-20Y.E.S Initiative WorkshopR750.00
10-Mar-20Skills Development WorkshopR1700.00
24-Mar-20Half-day B-BBEE WorkshopR1700.00
31-Mar-20Sector Codes: Mining WorkshopR1700.00
07-Apr-20Skills Development WorkshopR1700.00
21-Apr-20Sector Codes: Property WorkshopR1700.00
30-Apr-20Full-day B-BBEE WorkshopR3913.04
12-May-203 Full-days of B-BBEE WorkshopTBC
21-May-20Sector Codes: MAC WorkshopR1700.00
28-May-20Sector Codes: FSC WorkshopR1700.00
04-Jun-20Sector Codes: Mining WorkshopR1700.00
11-Jun-20Full-B-BBEE WorkshopR3913.04
25-Jun-20Y.E.S Initiative WorkshopR1700.00
07-Jul-20Sector Codes: ICT WorkshopR1700.00
23-Jul-20Sector Codes: MAC WorkshopR1700.00
28-Jul-20Full-B-BBEE WorkshopR3913.04
06-Aug-20Sector Codes: Tourism WorkshopR1700.00
11-Aug-20Sector Codes: Transport WorkshopR1700.00
27-Aug-20Y.E.S Initiative WorkshopR750.00
03-Sep-20Half-Day EE WorkshopR1700.00
08-Sep-20Sector Codes: Construction WorkshopR1700.00
29-Sep-20Full-day B-BBEE WorkshopR3913.04
08-Oct-20Full-day EE WorkshopR3913.04
13-Oct-20Sector Codes: ICT WorkshopR1700.00
27-Oct-20Full-Day B-BBEE WorkshopR3913.04
05-Nov-20Half-Day EE WorkshopR1700.00
12-Nov-20Sector Codes: Construction WorkshopR1700.00
24-Nov-203 full-days of B-BBEE WorkshopTBC

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