A burger at McDonalds

Original publish date – Thu, 12 Mar 2009 12:49:34 +0000, Keith

We have always said that our clients are more BEE compliant they realise. I consulted for a client yesterday. They are generic and hoped to be at level 5. In the end, we discovered that they had undertaken a lot more activities that earned them points. In many cases people say that they undertook a project because it made sense to do so, not for points. That doesn’t matter – your reason for doing something does not disqualify you from earning points for that project. At the end of my consulting I said to the financial director. “If I can get you to 80 points – level 3, will you take me to McDonalds and buy me a burger?? He smiled and nodded his head “.. in Mauritius.” I continued.


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