A Feel-good ED case study

Original publish date – Thu, 06 Aug 2009 07:06:57 +0000, Keith

Mabuya Glass Merchants is one of the businesses we help – not because we have to but because we want to. Msizi Ngwenwa is a running mate of mine – (Comrades silver medalist). He is a glazier, and knows all about glass. He tried very hard to get into the building trade, but due to the competition, and lack of cash flow and expertise he never really succeeded, but he has still not given up.

Some time back we needed a whiteboard for our training room, but do not like the standard boards as they tend to stain, and the ink never really rubs out. Instead we asked Msizi to install a glass white board on our wall, and it works perfectly and looks really good. We can write on it with any marker pen, and a bit of windowlene is all that is needed to clean it. We started discussing ideas for Msizi around producing glass whiteboards. We have assisted him with equipment and he has now started production of glass boards: They are beautifully framed in aluminum and can easily be mounted by a DIYer on your wall. It is the most useful piece of office equipment we have.

Msizi is working very hard on the quality of his framed white board – and quality is still a problem, but Msizi wil not rest until he has produced “the Rolls Royce” of glass white boards.

We purchased his first board and our staff love it.

Our role has been a bit of finance for equipment and we have purchased all his “mistakes” which is good enough to us to use perfectly well. We also help him with his accounts, marketing and most of all we are a shoulder to lean on and able to help him with brain-storming. In a few years his product could well become a well-known brand.

Mabuya Glass Merchants is currently producing trial aluminum framed glass boards 80 cm by 60 cm at a price of R299 (excluding packing and shipping and installation which any DIYer can easily do). The size is perfect for every office. I’d love to take orders for him while he perfects his quality. Take this opportunity to support his enterprise, earn BEE points but more importantly help his business thrive.

We have obviously earned both enterprise development points and procurement points from our positive relationship with Msizi (he is level 3 and is a category A enterprise development beneficiary) so there is enhanced recognition on both our ED scorecard and procurement scorecard so we have great BEE benefits.

Moreover Msizi, is about to finally and able to reach his dream of running a sustainable business. He is not a “bigwig”, not being enriched, just a South African who cares and is beginning to feel good about himself. So do we! This is what true B-BBEE is all about!

The link between Enterprise Development (Mabuya Glass Merchants) and procurement (buying glass white boards) works very well, to find out more attend our Procurement and Enterprise Development conference.

Contact EconoBEE on 0861 11 3094 or info@econobee.co.za or Msizi Ngwenwa on 072 263 0130 for more info.


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