A Gift – Crash Course in BEE – B-BBEE in 5 Minutes

Understanding BEE is a vital business skill. We know it can take you time to get all the information you need before you are ready to implement Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment.  It is for this reason that we present a half day course every week in our offices and prepare full day courses and specialised courses (BEE Procurement and Enterprise Development – 16th October 2008).

We focus our efforts on trying to make BEE easier/simpler to implement in as short a period as possible. Products that we have designed make calculating the scorecard a quick and easy task while others will help you prepare entirely for your annual verification by allowing you to capture all the documentation.

It is a goal of ours, whenever we deal with a client to always look for additional points, often out of existing business activities. 

Our BEE crash course has been expertly designed to efficiently guide all businesses through the basic requirements of BEE.

As a gift to our loyal clients/subscribers/business contacts we have decided to give our crash course away for FREE.

A download is available in our downloads section.

As part of our efforts to educate South African businesses in Black Economic Empowerment, we would like to encourage you to download and distribute our BEE crash course to all employees, friends, contacts, associates, partners and anyone you know who will benefit from BEE.

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