A gift to our readers – BBBEE, PPPFA Tender Points Calculator

Inlight of this major landmark, achievement we have prepared a complimentary B-BBEE to PPPFA points calculator.

In summary the B-BBEE scorecard level will be used in the tender process. It will do so by using a points table that converts your BBBEE Level into PPPFA Points for the tender.

Download the Draft Regulations now.

BBBEE, PPPFA Tender Points Calculator

PPPFA – Government tender points allocation
B-BBEE Level B-BBEE Score Achieved
Level 1 Contributor? 100 points2010
Level 2 Contributor? 85 points but < 100 points189
Level 3 Contributor? 75 points but < 85 points168
Level 4 Contributor? 65 points but < 75 points125
Level 5 Contributor? 55 points but < 65 points84
Level 6 Contributor? 45 points but < 55 points63
Level 7 Contributor? 40 points but < 45 points42
Level 8 Contributor? 30 points but < 40 points21
Non-Compliant Contributor< 30 points00

More information on BEE Procurement please see our BEE Procurement and Enterprise Development Conference.

We are rapidly adding BEE Scorecards to our existing database. If you have a BEE scorecard, we would appreciate it if you could email it to us on info@econobee.co.za.

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