A Julius Dilemma

Original publish date – Tue, 02 Mar 2010 06:15:01 +0000, Keith

Most people I know agree that proper transformation is necessary in South Africa. We still have a long way to go to improve the situation for our population. The playing field are still not level!

Recently it was reported that Julius Malema is a partner in a company that won tenders worth R140 million in Limpopo. If indeed this report is correct, then most people will feel outraged by this report. Most will agree that this is not the type of transformation that we need or that anyone had in mind for the new South Africa. A new word has even been created in South Africa: “tenderpreneur”. The respected businessman Bobby Godsell has criticized tenderpreneurs where businesses add no value to a transaction.

Now there are two types of transformation or empowerment that are used in South Africa – the tenderepreneurs and the true broad-based. No other solutions have been proposed and interestingly enough all major political parties, including the official opposition have policies around transformation because they all recognise the need for transformation. There are only two choices: Tenderpreneur and broad based black economic empowerment. B-BBEE if implemented properly can achieve all that we want in South Africa. Tenderpreneurs will make a select few very wealthy and do nothing for the population at large.

I repeat – there are only two choices. If, like me, you agree that the tenderpreneur approach is wrong, then the only viable option is B-BBEE. The opposite of B-BBEE is making Julius wealthy! There is only one way to beat that option – by implementing B-BBEE so well that tenderpreneurs lose all their business.

Lets therefore try to implement broad-based black economic empowerment properly and grow the economy for everyone. Let’s build up our BEE scorecards, make a serious effort to help the less fortunate. We as South Africans ARE a caring nation – we just sometimes get carried away by our emotions and passion. Let’s direct that passion to where it can help. Let’s follow the B-BBEE codes, let’s support South Africa. Let’s get more positive.

Let’s make B-BBEE the only viable alternative to B-BBEE.


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