Accredited opinion agencies

Original publish date – Wed, 12 Aug 2009 10:50:57 +0000, Keith

There are no more verification agencies! They do not do verification, notwithstanding their accreditation with SANAS. All they do is come up with some opinion that suits them at the time. Based on an opinion, with no legal backing they award or remove points from their clients. They knowingly ignore the codes, directives and notices and use whatever little knowledge they have to guess a score. Recently we complained that agencies were differing on up to two levels. This is not an isolated instance. It is happening all the time.

One agency consulted to their client last year, and made certain suggestions. This year, against all dti and SANAS policies they did the verification for the same client, disregarded their own advice and rejected the points. A sure case of conflict of interest. This is why an agency cannot consult and verify at the same time.

When we ask why they do something they cannot give an answer, other than “my boss told me”. And companies are paying thousands for this lack of competence and service! Moreover a good scorecard is desperately needed by companies in order to retain or get new business, so the verification, sorry opinion agencies, have huge power over their far larger clients. Those clients are too scared to complain in case their scorecard is removed entirely at the oipinion agency’s (in)discretion.

The problem, other than the BEE unit of the dti and SANAS have no clue has is happening, is there is no competition – only 22 agencies have been accredited.

The minister has extended the date for issuing a valid certificate to 1st February, but many companies will not accept your scorecard unless it has been produced by one of the group of 22. This is contrary to the dti minister’s policy, and we believe amounts to an unfair business practice by the company.

If you know of any companies that are refusing to accept your scorecard, and have written proof of their policy, please forward it tous, so we may take further action.


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