Adoption of BBBEE

Original publish date – Wed, 20 May 2009 10:44:35 +0000, patience

The adoption and implementation of BBBEE is still varied in the country. Where does your company fall in the adoption process of BBBEE?


Brave companies with people, pulling the change. Such companies have embraced BBBEE and are continuously improving their BBBEE points.

Early Adopters

Respectable companies, opinion leaders in their industry leading the pack and are improving their BBBEE points.

Early Majority

Thoughtful companies, careful but accepting change more quickly than the average companies and are beginning to implement BBBEE.

Late Majority

Skeptic companies which will only implement BBBEE when the majority have implemented BBBEE.


Traditional companies, caring for the “old ways”, and are still critical towards BBBEE and will only accept it when it becomes mainstream or when forced to comply.

BBBEE is here to stay and will continue to gain momentum. The only way for your company to accept this noble phenomenon is to understand it and know how it affects your business. Our workshops/seminars and conferences are there to help you.


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