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BEE – A Competitive Advantage – EconoBEE Newsletter – 12 July 2013

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Business is tough

Yes, business is tough. It’s hard to find and keep customers and make a profit. That’s why it so amazes me that when you have a customer, or potential customer you are not prepared to give him what he wants. In many cases he wants your product or service and a high level BEE certificate. If you can’t give it to him, you stand the chance of losing the deal.

We call hundreds of companies per week to ask them for their BEE certificates on behalf of their customers. We get amazing responses from companies who obviously do not want customers or don’t care about their customers. We know that often when you are asked for a BEE certificate, the “red haze” floats across your eyes and you choose to ignore the request. You have enough red tape to deal with – difficult customers, suppliers, VAT, taxes, skills levies, PAYE, labour law issues, health and safety, accountants – so you feel your BEE status is the final straw. This is true, if you wish to close your business. It also excites your competitors who are compliant because they see lots of new business coming your way.

So, you give an excuse to your customer hoping he will go away, and sometimes he does – until the following year, or for a couple of years. In the end your excuses catch up, and your customer moves away.

We, and your customers keep track of all comments received. Without giving names of the companies here is a selection:
“As per previous notes, this supplier is not BEE compliant”

“The lady who answered the telephone advised that this was a very small family business and they do not have a BEE certificate.”
“The receptionist advised me to speak to Aranda who advised that she does not know where to locate it however will look for it and send via email. (it never arrived)”
“Sharon said they are still in the process to get verified. She will send the letter for proof (they said the same thing in 2011)”

“They don’t have a certificate because they are foreign owned.”

“Spoke to John and he said they are looking into getting one, just been having serious business problems thus hasn’t taken priority”

Many businesses think that once they have given a response to the buyer, or ourselves, they are “safe” for another year. They don’t realize that their customers will eventually become serious about obtaining a compliant certificate.

From our viewpoint, the frustrating aspect is that each of the above excuses hold no water. They put the phone down thinking they have satisfied their customer. Every one of the companies can become compliant, if they bothered to do so. The very last comment by “John” above saddened me. This company is in a very specialized industry, having serious business problems. “John” does not realize that a partial reason for those business problems is his refusal to give his customers what they want. It’s so easy for them to move to his opposition, and this is why he has problems in his business. The small expense to become compliant will certainly pay off in satisfied customers and new business. We come across companies who have given their customers the same “run-around excuses” for 5 years. One of our clients finally became really upset with one supplier and instructed their buyer to “read them the riot act”. This supplier stands the chance of losing R50million worth of business per annum. It would have cost them a fraction of that to become compliant, but to “prove a principle” they chose to make a political point and not get a certificate. Well done guys! You have made your point and are now on the way to bankruptcy.

What many businesses don’t realize, or don’t want to realize is they can easily become compliant. It’s no problem for a small family owned business – we are a small family owned business and are level 2. Even larger businesses can become compliant without difficulty.

The cost is insignificant to potential business gained, or lost.

Yes, it’s an effort, but we can help you.

How much time do you spend on BEE? Contact us to save time Managed Service.



Management of Learners on Supported Skills Development Initiatives

Roles and responsibilities of the various stakeholders involved in Skills Development and Training

The funder i.e. Your Company

The main role of the funder is to oversee all training issues pertaining to the development initiative.   The appointed manager will also act as liaison on all matters concerning conduct, attendance, performance etc.  Amongst other responsibilities those listed below have reference:

  • If possible, exposure of learners to a reasonable range of hands on and useful work experience.
  • Clarity on the expectations of the funder regarding the performance of the learners
  • Clarity on the expectations of the learner with regard to the skills development initiative.

In the event that a company does not have the resource/s to manage a skills development initiative then you should appoint an External Project Manager on a contractual basis to assist with the roll out and management of the same.

The main role of the external project manager is to manage the administration and co-ordinate the programme externally.  The main responsibilities of the project manager would include:

  • Advise and assist with the selection of learners.
  • The tracking of the learners progress as well as tracking their performance in the workplace in relation to their development.
  • Assessing progress and signing off of Portfolio’s of Evidence (A key tracking resource of documents which will be discussed further in a later news flash).
  • Facilitation of the participation of learners on development initiatives.
  • Responsible for soliciting service providers to submit training proposals for the company’s approval and budget fit.
  • Issue reports subsequent to the assessments and results.
  • Update and maintain all training records.

Talent Manager/ Internal coordinator

The role of the talent manager/internal coordinator will be to coordinate the Skills Development programme internally – this in conjunction with the External Project manager.  It is to be noted that an external project manager can fulfill both roles but would need someone to report into.   This role also involves facilitating and assisting the selected learners once they have been accepted on any one programme. The coordinator will also be responsible for liaising and interacting with all the relevant stakeholders on a regular basis so as to ensure optimal functioning of the programme. The main responsibilities of this role include:

  • Identity and approval of budget and skills development courses.
  • Tracking of budget and spend.
  • Assisting with workplace exposure areas if necessary.
  • Offering support and advice to line managers regarding issues that may or may not arise.
  • Apprising line managers of responsibilities.
  • Networking internally to ensure optimal functioning of any one programme.

Line Manager

The role of the Line Manager is to facilitate the performance of the trainee into that of a value-added employee.  Skills must be translated otherwise why are you doing this?

The main responsibilities of this role include:

  • Responsibility for all ergonomic issues (i.e. workstation, equipment, etc.) .
  • Participation in assessment meetings pertaining to the performance of the  learner if so required.
  • Responsible for any discipline issues that might arise regarding the trainee’s performance.
  • Raising any concerns that might arise concerning the performance and/or conduct of the trainee.
  • Responsible for providing assistance to/and coaching of the trainee.  (See news flash on mentor/mentee relationships in a later issue.)


The role of the learner is twofold. The leaner is not only required to learn and gain experience and a possible qualification but also to become a value-added employee of your organisation.

  • Diligently pursuing their development studies.
  • 100% attendance on skills development initiatives.
  • Taking ownership of their own development and making the necessary inputs to ensure success.
  • Submitting the completed training record (Portfolio of Evidence) so that a record exists of the relevant courses attended, the assessment results and the spend accrued during the development initiative.
  • Show enhanced performance in the workplace.

With the implementation of the above you are assured of some measure of success in attaining a qualified and trained workforce whilst meeting your BBBEE requirements and improving your scores. 

In short you are making a difference!

For more information or for assistance please contact JENNY O’CONNOR, jenny@computerfundamentals.co.za.


BEE Bill vs Revised Codes and preparing for verification

Confusion reigns at the moment. Is the BEE Bill the same as the revised codes that were proposed last year? The simple answer is no.

The BEE bill is effectively a new act. The act’s main objective is to increase the effectiveness of B-BBEE. The revised codes is the actual scorecard that businesses need to follow.

Gain more insight into the B-BBEE Amendment Bill, revised codes to ensure that your business is 100% ready for its next BEE verification. Book now for our full day conference on how best to prepare for verification taking into account all legislation and interpretations.

Good Preparation for verification is the major contributing factor to earning a successful score. EconoBEE’s Prepare for Verification and Future Proof your BEE Activies conference aims to make the BEE verification process less stressful by showing you all of the tips and tricks to earn maximum points.

Date:29 August 2013 – JHB – Gallagher Estate
19 September 2013 – CPT – Belmont Conference Centre
12 September 2013 – DBN – Makaranga Garden Lodge
Time:8:30 for 9:00 – 17:00
Price:R3500 excl VAT (R3990 incl VAT)
Booking Details:Email info@econobee.co.za
Contact 011 483 1190
Early bird special – EconoBEE V3 worth R3500 if booked and paid for early.
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EconoBEE Newsletter
  12 July 2013

In this issue

  • Business is tough
  • Management of Learners on Supported Skills Development Initiatives
  • BEE Bill vs Revised Codes and preparing for verification

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