BEE is not Scary

Original publish date – Fri, 27 Feb 2009 09:58:45 +0000, Gavin

A big perception about BEE is that it is a big unknown which could cause you to give away half your business. This point was once again very high on a recent clients BEE thoughts. He did not want to give away his business yet he thought he would have no choice. He also thought his customers would stop buying from him and he would be forced to close his doors.

This unfortunately caused him great stress yet it is not true.

His customers want a Broad Based BEE scorecard. This is something he not only can comply with but as he was a small business he can get a very good score.

My point is, BEE is not scary. It makes sense for your business. My advice is, attend a short course, it will clear all the BEE myths and as we like to say leave you BEE ‘Motivated.


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