BEE Verification – Tips & Tricks – EconoBEE Newsletter 17 June 09

EconoBEE – Newsletter June 2009

Empower your Business

Know your Score

Know your Targets

Prepare for Verification

Attend EconoBEE’s BEE Verification Conference and equip your business with invaluable knowledge to prepare for a BEE Verification.

Early bird special ending soon: Book early and get EconoBEE V3 (worth R2500)

EconoBEE Training

Weekly half day BEE Workshop

9th,16th,23rd July 2009 – BEE Verification Conference

1st, 8th, 15th October 2009 – BEE Procurement and Enterprise Development Conference

Contact us to arrange a specialised BEE course in your offices.

10 Simple Steps to Become BEE Compliant!

BEE is simple to implement when you have a complete understanding of how it affects your business.

We have prepared an easy to follow guide “B-BBEE in 5 Minutes” and “Crash Course to BEE Verification” which explains BEE in a simple step by step approach.

Wow – BEE Verification Conference!

Gavin Levenstein

The course material is absolutely fantastic. Our experts have been hard at work preparing the presentation and the handouts. It is quite simply amazing.

I’d heard of the concepts, but this conference is taking the concepts and turning it into real practical knowledge that is easy to understand and will genuinely make a difference to a business’s BEE scorecard. After attending the presentation and reading the notes you will know the benefits of BEE, be completely prepared for your BEE verification and know how to earn maximum BEE points.

Some of the many topics include:

  • The regulations around BEE Verification

  • The elements with proof and document templates

  • Record keeping – preparing a file with all the required documents.

  • How to calculate your score, understanding self assessment and preparing the correct data for verification

  • How to justify legal arguments around claiming points

  • Selecting the right BEE Verification Agency

The practical outcome of the BEE Verification conference is:

  • Make a separate file for each element.

    • Within the file, make a sub-section for each indicator.

      • Within each subsection, calculate the points you have scored for that indicator. Behind the calculation supply all the documentary evidence and substantiation required by the codes.

    • On the front of each file calculate the points earned for that entire element.

    • Supply that to the Verification Agency whose job it is to verify that the information is correct.

I cannot wait, in just over three weeks we will be presenting the first conference in JHB and shortly thereafter in CPT and then DBN. In 20 minutes of glancing at the presentation, I realised that we have included more about practical BEE Verification than you could possibly imagine.



Early Bird Special – ending soon

Book and pay 3 weeks before your attendance and get your very own license for EconoBEE V3 (worth R2500).

Johannesburg early bird special ends Thursday 18th June 2009.


There are still seats available.

9th July 2009 – JHB – Gallagher Estate – (early bird deadline 18th June 09)
16th July 2009 – CPT – Belmont Conference Centre – (early bird deadline 25th June 09)
23rd July 2009 – DBN – Makaranga Garden Lodge – (early bird deadline 2nd July 09)

R2850.00 plus VAT

To reserve your seat please phone 0861 11 3094 or visit

Construction BEE Charter – Gazetted

The construction industry is the second to have its sector code gazetted by the dti minister. The construction charter must now be followed and used by enterprises in that sector.

The weightings and targets are slightly different to the codes of good practice. More details to follow…

EconoBEE V3 Scorecard software – we are in the process of updating our BEE scorecard software to include the BEE Construction and Tourism Sector Codes. Once complete all companies in these sectors can prepare a self assessment using EconoBEE V3.

Verification Update

Notice 677 of 2009
Amendment to Notice 354 of 2009 – 5 June 2009

This notice now confirms that any certificate signed before 1 August 2009 is acceptable for a period of one year after the date of signature. After 1 August only Accredited/Pre-Assessed verification agencies certificates are acceptable.

Ministries must work together

An article in the Business Report quoted the new minister of trade and industry, Rob Davies, as saying ministries must work together and specifically mentioned the need to help grow SMMEs.

It’s time for the minister to “walk the talk”.

Read more…

This would be funny if it were not so serious

The new minister of energy will be talking at a seminar tomorrow. The media release published by her spokesman states:

…The AMEF played a pivotal role in the development and final agreement by all major industry players to commit to the Liquid Fuels Empowerment Charter. This was a pioneering initiative in that it was the first charter to facilitate empowerment of historically disadvantaged individuals in any industry. The charters that followed, leading up to the creation of the Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) scorecard were drawn on the learning of the oil industry…

Read More…



Do your customers want your BEE Certificate or Verification? What are you going to do – click here to find out?

Not sure how to get a BEE Scorecard, click here to see a demonstration of how best to produce your own BEE scorecard.



BEE Points = Business

That’s it for the time being.

Keith and the EconoBEE Team

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