Black owned companies need the B-BBEE Scorecard

Original publish date – Thu, 23 Jul 2009 13:48:53 +0000, Cornilius

There is a misconception held by some companies that are Black owned that they do not need to go through the compliance process. Such companies feel that the fact they have a high percentage or even 100% Black ownership and management they have met the B-BBEE requirements.

All companies in South Africa need to work on the B-BBEE scorecard. Ownership alone constitutes 20 points on the Generic scorecard (scorecard for companies with annual turnover of more than R35 mil) and 25 points on the QSE scorecard (scorecard for a company of between R5 mil and R35 mil annual turnover). Earning full points on the ownership element for either a Generic or QSE entity without points elsewhere does not make them B-BBEE compliant. The broadbased nature of the B-BBEE scorecard means all companies have to train their Black employees, buy from B-BBEE compliant suppliers, help other Black owned businesses to grow, donate to charity apart from other initiatives if they are to be labelled as truly empowering. This will speed up the process of emancipating the disadvantaged in South Africa.

What those Black owned companies that feel it unnecessary to work on the B-BBEE scorecard are doing is to drag and frustrate the process towards economic parity among the South African racial groups.


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